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"The first fruits of the collaboration between Taylor Deupree and Savvas Ysatis are captured here, predating the 12k label itself (although the title suggests it was something present in Deupree's mind at least). The musical style on show here is geared towards the more minimal, experimental end of the techno spectrum, far removed from the more matured signature sounds Deupree would go on to pioneer via his solo work. Although 4/4 templates and conventional beat structures hold the album together, there's a discerning, reductive ear at work here, removing all sonic surplus and leaving a taut, motorised core that's ruthlessly efficient. There's still plenty of intriguing sound design at work here though: 'Car' reveals a sparkling stripped-bare IDM sound, while 'Eve' basks in abstraction thanks to a dub-influenced echo chamber driving the piece forward. Hardly an enduring feast for the ears in the way that the timelessly brilliant Occur and Stil. have proven to be, but still a fascinating period piece for followers of the artists involved and the 12k sound." - Boomkat


  1. mir
  2. arc
  3. ice
  4. eve
  5. mix
  6. car
  7. sim
  8. lok