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Boomkat Review:
"Well I never expected to see these tracks appear again, and it's a pleasure to see them available once more. Those of you with some advanced knowledge might know that Taylor Deupree (he of 12k fame) cut his teeth crafting minimal techno under a variety of different monikers (Drum Komputer, Prototype 909, Unit Park). Of course this was so long ago that minimal techno (as it is now, at least) didn't even exist yet, but the rabid 4/4 pulse was clearly still beating somewhere inside of him as he flexed his chops for a sequence of 12"s on the Audio.NL label in the early 00s. Those of us that snagged these rare beat-driven workouts have been banging on about 'em ever since, and now they're available once more in their entirety and they sound fresher than ever. The twisted, chilly pulses of Raster Noton or early Sahko would be a good reference point; but Taylor's sounds come from the very heart of stripped-back 90s North American techno (think Plastikman or Underground Resistance) rather than any kind of academic posturing or digital philosophy. If 'Focux' had been new material, nobody would have batted an eyelid, and the fact that it's ten years old now is just remarkable."