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Sart is the debut full-length cd from Norwegian duo Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik and Rune Sagevik, collectively known as Pjusk. First heard on 12k’s Blueprints (12k1039) compilation, Pjusk’s sound can be characterized as warm, dark, delicate, and wet. Sart builds a cavernous scape that listens like a surreal storybook, utilizing a combination of electronics, dub, rhythm, found sounds such as tape machine noise, fans, and ski lifts as well as field recordings from around the world. It is in their inspiration from very human events, such as private conversations, empty rooms, or smells, that gives Pjusk’s music a strangely familiar yet very disconnected and alien mood. They are very interested in the presence or disappearance of man and mankind’s impact on nature, building on this dichotomy of tension as they create their work.

Difficult to immediately classify, Pjusk carry on the organic and tonal tradition of 12k’s recent output but twist it into darker and more narrative territory. Sart is a beautifully produced debut that clearly carves out the artists’ own niche in electronic music.


  1. Tander
  2. Kontur
  3. Dur
  4. Flyktig
  5. Myk
  6. Rim
  7. Vag
  8. Rav
  9. Hul
  10. Anelse
  11. Rom
  12. Dempet
  13. Stadig