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12k presents Status, the result of two of the genre’s most talented, and diffferent, composers; Frank Bretschneider and Ralph Steinbrüchel, sharing their sounds and styles. Status began in the Spring of 2003 when they designed their own sound sequences and samples and sent the material to each other, waiting and hearing what the other will create out of it. They played this game for nearly 2 years, sending sequences and tracks back and forth until both of them were satisfied with the result.

When the minimal 120bpm rhythmic structures of Frank Bretschneider and the austere sonic minimalism of Steinbrüchel get together, a rare piece of atmospheric rythmics is created. Sometimes very melodic, sometimes abstract, sometimes very rhythmic, sometimes nearly pop, and always minimal. Detailed, fragile and full at once Status shows where rhythmic and abstract music can get together, how different sonic worlds combine to create a unique listening experience.


  1. Spirale
  2. Antenne
  3. Funktion
  4. Periode
  5. Phase
  6. Spektrum
  7. Basis
  8. Passage
  9. Position
  10. Faktor
  11. Impuls
  12. Frequenz