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12k is proud to announce the debut release from Montreal native Ghislain Poirier. Il n'y a pas de Sud...

In an alluring departure from the sound of 12k's recent output, Il n'y a pas de Sud.... blends broken melodies and sonic slips with a very stripped down version of the berlin techno sound. The result is a sparse blend of rhythm and space with a slow diffused groove as beats flux and vibrate beneath lo-fi oscillations of warm chords and clouds of bass.

Il n'y a pas de Sud... was created using an ageing PC with so little processing power that Poirier is forced to compose each work in parts and later piece them together. Using this approach he pushes himself to make the most of very little, which he does very well, and has developed a unique and fresh signature sound proving that the latest, most trendy software isn't necessary to create captivating sound.

Musical accomplishments aside, Ghislain Poirier is also a visual artist. He has had many solo exhibitions of his paintings and drawings in the city of Montreal, notably at the Maisons de la culture Côte-des-neiges, at the Galerie de l‚île-des-moulins and at Atom Heart.

Il n'y a pas de Sud.... is a brilliant work from a new face in minimal electronic sound.


  1. Se Prendre
  2. L'Harmattan
  3. Il n y a pas de sud...
  4. Seul le Fou Compte les Grains de Sable
  5. Dissimuler L'absurde
  6. Position et Négation
  7. Désquilibre
  8. Un Pont Entre Deux Riviéres
  9. Oui-Dire
  10. Désquilibre (encore)
  11. Orange Brule