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Taking cues and production practices culled from his collaboration with Tetsu Inoue on the CD Active/Freeze (12k1009) and his recent compilation appearances on Ritornell and Intransitive Recordings, among others, Occur is a work of non-repetition and subdued melodic passages composed almost entirely by granular synthesis algorithms.

Initially inspired by the often quiet urban sounds outside of his studio in Brooklyn, New York, the concept behind Occur grew to become pieces about all things brief - glimpses, events that come and then are gone. These are singular occurances in time, like the passing of a car or the blinking off of a street light at night. The brittle and sporadic granular tones crunch and crumble about the stereo field creating an implied urban soundscape.

This is the first solo cd on 12k from Taylor Deupree since the minimal rhythmics of 1998's Comma, (12k1003). Part one of a two part series, Occur is to be followed up within a year by its polar opposite entitled Stil., a work of intense repetition, a movment towards implied stillness. Deupree is also in the progress of creating photographic diptychs of Occur and Stil. for a project to be completed in 2002.


  1. Occur.1
  2. Occur.2
  3. Occur.3
  4. Occur.4
  5. Occur.5
  6. Occur.6
  7. Occur.7
  8. Occur.8
  9. Occur.9