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Frame is the much anticipated follow up release to last year's debut Optimal.LP, a cd which caused quite a bit of critical stir as a very impressive and original work for a new artist. Dan Abrams (aka: Shuttle358) seamlessly blends stark textures/drones with digital disfunction. clicks, skips and tiny mechanised rhythms intertwine in hypnotic form that Abrams allows to evolve in a very organic way.

Frame picks up where Optimal.LP" left off. a bit more distant with excursions into deeper realms of Abrams' signature skittish minimalist rhythmic work.

Frame includes a video, shot by Abrams himself, in DVCAM for the title of the album. It is available on the cd in quicktime format as well as a separate high-res VHS release. The use of movement and abstracted forms along with a subtle color palatte of whites, blues and yellows is a perfect visual accompanyment to the fragile rhythms of the soundtrack.


  1. Frame
  2. Out Out
  3. Broom
  4. Fissure
  5. Lyndon Tree
  6. Sequence
  7. Hasp22
  8. Calty
  9. Isonpgn
  10. Spiff