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After its initial release 13 years ago, 12k is very happy to welcome Dan Abrams' (Shuttle358) engaging Stream album to the catalog as a download-only re-release.

"‘Stream’ is darker and more sparse than Abrams other work, and lacks the deep melodic hit of works such as ‘Frame’ and followup ‘Understanding Wildlife’. However, what we lack in melodic sweetness, we gain in bottom end and this album has a bass growl to it unseen in the rest of his catalogue." - Boomkat

Obviously, Abrams is trying a new path here that is a slightly unlike the material from his Shuttle358 alias. Stream is, inevitably, a more loop based project with less change and movement in the tracks but still remains an engaging listen over its length. - Stylus

(Original Press Release, Mille Plateaux, 2001)

Dan Abrams is a student of packaging at Los Angeles's Art Centre College Of Design, a fact that is reflected in the elegant simplicity and organization of his music. Also known as the critically acclaimed artist Shuttle 358 on the NY based label 12k, Dan Abrams has created quite a stir in the US minimal electronic scene due to his extraordinary releases on the 12k label. With his Mille Plateaux debut Stream, Abrams makes further developments uncovering dance music's archetype; be it techno, trance, drum 'n' bass or downtempo - and shows them in their most sublime state.


  1. Hello
  2. A Shell
  3. Academic
  4. Monsters
  5. The Theory
  6. Sim Sun
  7. Bendy
  8. Duck Beam
  9. Freezing
  10. Stream
  11. Grammar
  12. Mr. Fish