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well known artists, Frank Bretschneider. Bretschneider is a founder of Germany’s art/music collective Raster-Noton and has released some of the most engaging albums of the decade. Following last year’s Gold (raster/noton) and the stunningly good Aerial Riverseries (Whatness, 2002), Looping I-VI (And Other Assorted Love Songs) is Bretschneider’s 2nd 12k cd, following Rausch (2000) and appearances on 12k’s critically acclaimed compilations. His music can also be found on such well-known labels as Mille Plateaux, Audio.NL, Fällt, and Bip-Hop.

Looping I-VI shows a change in direction from Bretschneider’s characteristic bouncing and rhythmic minimalism. He took it upon himself as a challenge to create a more sparse and demanding album built with slowly evolving loops and subtle changes over time. Taking inspiration from his current immersion in science fiction novels Looping I-VI plays out very much like a story, unfolding over 42 minutes. Despite the 12 tracks on the cd the music flows seamlessly, slowly, and creates two distinct “chapters” marked by a sonic hit and a brief moment of silence. Looping I-VI is a work that rewards complete listening, from start to finish, following Bretschneider’s sonic fiction through his world of clean tonal elements and loop architecture.

For sound-generating, editing, composing and arranging he used again his favourite soft-and -hardware for many years, Logic Audio and the Nord Modular, a synthesizer which has become an extension of himself and that he has unquestionably mastered.


  1. Looping I
  2. Looping II
  3. Paperthin
  4. Looping III
  5. Against A Blue Background
  6. Rocket Summer
  7. The Day It Rained Forever
  8. Looping IV
  9. Night Broadcast
  10. Looping V
  11. Go Said The Bird
  12. Looping VI